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About Saral Technologies

Saral Technologies was founded in 2003 with the goal of building software that would assist organizations with reporting and business intelligence software needs.

Today, Saral Technologies is totally focused on developing innovative software solutions to help boost its customers' competitive edge.

The company has a history of working in partnership with others who share its vision of adding value to customers' business solutions, in order to develop, market and distribute software solutions globally.

SeeMoreData - Enterprise Reporting and Business Intelligence

SeeMoreData is the emerging standard in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting, as it is the simplest interface to deploy & use, with powerful functionality not found in competing products.

SeeMoreData was created mainly because the technology behind most enterprise reporting and Business Intelligence is complex, clunky, difficult to understand, difficult to implement thus driving up TCO.

SeeMoreData is an all-encompassing product that integrates data from various datasources across the organization, allows powerful enterprise reporting and Business Intelligence, with the simplicity of point-and-click operations in a java-enabled Web browser.

With intuitive drilldown across datasources, integration of data, pivot analysis, built-in charting, filtering, scheduling, end-user summarization and other advanced features, the creation of powerful real-time and cached reports that add value to business and enhance operational efficiency, SeeMoreData empowers business to thrive in today's competitive economic climate.